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Why you should radio advertise

Despite the use of streaming software, TV, and website advertising, the radio remains one of the best ways to connect to an advertising audience. Plus despite this popularity, radio advertisements remain very cheap to acquire and use.

Many businesses, both big and small, use radio advertisements to deliver messages that are often listened too and absorbed better than a television advertisement.  This is because radio allows people to connect to their specific audience on one channel. People who like sports tune into sports stations and sports-related ads are successful there.

Ads based around other things can go on stations that target their audience or demographic, so a station that caters to teens and young adults can place ads targeting that demographic there and they can get a higher and more focused response rate. Radio audiences are often captive ones as well, where a TV watcher might change the channel.

This is because radio watchers are prepared to sit through ads to get back to the music/news/sports or their favorite radio personality, plus the ads are normally shorter than repetitive commercials on the TV. The listeners can drive or do something else while waiting instead of flicking the channel to see what else is on.

Listening is intimate, as many people listen alone to the radio at certain times a day and form partnerships with the DJ’s and the music or talk, and this perceived intimacy makes them more trusting if the station endorses a brand.

More and more control

Aside from being able to control the station that the spots are played on, radio advertisements can also be tailored to local stations, national stations, and even the time of day for their distribution can be controlled to ensure that the right audience is hit at the right time.

Anyone can buy time on a radio, but it takes a businessman who knows the audience to answer the questions of when to run the ads, how many to run at once, and if they are making an impact and getting people to buy or use the product or service. Only by customizing the spots just right will you get the results you need.

Finally, the radio broadcasting allows for personalization with you. You can appear on the radio as the creator of your brand, helping to drum up support, show your enthusiasm, and help listeners connect with you and learn to trust you and your brand.

Finding a radio station

First, find stations that are located in your area and connect with them. Call in, participate in contests, and listen to them. By understanding, if the station is good and connects to your audience, you can move forward in contacting them.

Once you have a station you can work with them, a freelancer, or even use your own skills to write and record the ad. If you need a voiceover done, there are plenty of ways to hire an actor, or you can even ask the host to read the script for you.

Once that is done, then you’ll be able to put your spot on the radio and start gaining the benefits of radio advertising!