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Why Radio is Still Relevant

Many people doubt the place of radio in the modern media landscape. It is understandable, with so many high tech forms of entertainment available. But radio has maintained a steady presence in the digital age, despite being written off on many occasions.

While the way that people listen to the radio may not be the same, it is still as relevant.

Radio in the Digital Age

There are two places where radio is finding its groove in the digital age. The first is on the web, with many radio stations having their broadcast available to access online. Someone can visit a local radio website and start playing the broadcast in seconds.

Radio is also in a healthy position because of its in car playback. People are always on the road and they need something to help pass the time. And in those moments, they turn to the radio!

When assessing the hours of radio played back in countries such as the United States, the figures are stable from five or six years ago. There has not been the type of decline that many would expect.

Shift in Revenue

One of the ways that radio is changing is the way that advertisers are making money through the platform. While the total money that advertisers are making through radio has not declined, a lot more of it is coming through digital channels.

Online radio is reaching new heights every year, with more people tuning into such stations when they are working from home or passing the time during the evening. But AM/FM radio stations still have a vital role, especially in local communities.

Getting Listeners’ Attention

A key reason why advertisers have not abandoned radio is because of the way it gets them a listeners’ attention. When someone is listening to the radio, they will eventually hear commercials for a few minutes. Those commercials are anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds.

Compared to the internet, where an ad that lasts more than a few seconds is skipped or closed, radio offers a lot more of the listeners’ time. It is why advertisers are happy to pay the money that local radio stations want for spots during peak hours.

Specialized Stations

Another interesting result of the digital age is that many radio stations have become increasingly specialized. Instead of attempting to appeal to everyone, these stations understand they have a core audience. And they would rather maintain that core audience than try to gain a new one.

By creating content that has a niche following, a radio station can stay afloat in the digital age. Many people are happy to tune in every day when they enjoy the content. And some will even send donations to the stations they enjoy the most!

While radio will never be the preeminent way to enjoy content, as it has been surpassed by television and the internet, it still has a place in society.

Radio stations are still relevant, because there are situations where turning on the radio can still provide a lot of entertainment to people.