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Benefits of listening to the radio

While most people use their handheld devices to download their own ad-free playlists or create their own, the radio is still a great thing to listen to and allows for numerous benefits over pre-made playlists. I still turn on the radio from my phone at least once a day when I’m by myself.

The benefits might not be super big but they are benefits and they have been keeping the radio in place among all the other variations for a very long time.

The benefits of a radio

Personal DJ’s: It’s often said that the host makes or breaks a show, and a great disc jockey can keep listeners entertained with their news, personal stories, anecdotes, and even interviews and calls from guests and listeners. Unlike a playlist, where you hear the same songs or clips over and over again, every day on a station is different.

Information: Radios always have some form of a news segment, whether it’s a five-minute snapshot or the national news is what the station is all about, and they often cover big and small stories on several topics. This can keep you informed on current events or topics that you might be interested in.

Giveaways: Almost every station has some form of a giveaway, and whether its tickets to a concert on a music station or a sponsor of the station having a sale or discount for the listeners, you might be able to win some free stuff just for listening. What playlist can do that?

Personal benefits

Many stations are even having segments where people who are having trouble with love, life, or anything else can simply call in and talk about their problems via phone or email, and let other callers or the host give advice.

These problems can range from minor ones to major crises, where people can just talk and the host can answer. This can help people feel less alone and lets them get some answers and closure, especially if they need to talk with a person that they trust.

A good soothing radio jockey can also induce an ASMR like effect and help people calm down after a long day. This can help you relax if you are stuck in traffic, or just had a hard day and need to sit down and listen to some soothing tunes and a friendly voice for a few minutes.

Finding a station that can help with stress relief that you can always turn too to listen to music or talk is a must for most people, and it’s often easier to listen to the radio than turn on an audiobook or your own playlist during a time of crisis. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Experiment with stations

Once you pick a topic that you want to listen too, such as a genre of music, a news station, or maybe just a bunch of people talking about random topics, try to give it a listen at the same time every day and see what that does for you.

It just might be more interesting than simply hitting shuffle.