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Benefits of listening to the radio

While most people use their handheld devices to download their own ad-free playlists or create their own, the radio is still a great thing to listen to and allows for numerous benefits over pre-made playlists. I still turn on the radio from my phone at least once a day when I’m by myself. The benefits […]

Why you should radio advertise

Despite the use of streaming software, TV, and website advertising, the radio remains one of the best ways to connect to an advertising audience. Plus despite this popularity, radio advertisements remain very cheap to acquire and use. Many businesses, both big and small, use radio advertisements to deliver messages that are often listened too and […]

Four Ways Live Radio and Podcasts Differ

With each passing week, a new podcast is released into the world. These shows are incredibly popular, especially among people who commute or enjoy listening to long form content. Since listening to a podcast and the radio can feel like a similar experience, many start to associate them with each other. And some radio stations […]

Does Radio Matter in the 21st Century?

Dismissing radio in the 21st century is all too common. So many people assume that because they have not listened to the radio in a while, no one else is listening either. But radio still has an important role to play, even as people have more options than ever for consuming content. What type of […]

Why Radio is Still Relevant

Many people doubt the place of radio in the modern media landscape. It is understandable, with so many high tech forms of entertainment available. But radio has maintained a steady presence in the digital age, despite being written off on many occasions. While the way that people listen to the radio may not be the […]